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Grading Contractors – In Business Since 1991

At Bryant's Contracting, we have in-house take-off software with 3D modeling for material quantities, allowing for accurate bids. We also use GPS for site layout, as well as fully automatic machine controls for grading. This allows for precise grades, and adds a lot of speed and efficiency.

Bryant's Contracting

You can count on us for commercial site contracting and grading contractor services, including water and sewer works, detention systems, erosion control, site clearing and more!

We consider our firm big enough to handle any job and yet small enough to provide personalized service of excellent quality.

Based in Dobson, NC, the company was incorporated in 2004 and has continued to grow into a comprehensive site development company since.

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We also use GPS for site layout as well as full automatic machine controls for grading. This allows for very accurate grades as well as speed and efficiency. We also have in house take-off software with 3D modeling for material quantities. This allows for accurate bids.